Kirk Cameron of ‘Growing Pains’ Says He’s Not Homophobic, Explains Christian Beliefs

They didn’t misrepresent what I said, but what I said isn’t a full representation of how I feel about the topic as a whole. All five topics. He asked me about gay marriage, homosexuality, abortion, the Catholic Church being forced to pay for contraception against their religious conscience, and who would make the best president over the next four years. All, during an interview that was supposed to be about this new film, Monumental. I was surprised at that, for sure—particularly the way he did it. I didn’t appreciate the way he did it. I thought it was insensitive. I thought it was heartless, to tell you the truth, to take a few subjects, which are very important, he crammed it into a rapid-fire, machine-gun format where my ideas got reduced to four-second sound bites. In my opinion, those subjects can only be properly addressed in the context of a relationship, with the person who is asking me those questions. When my friend who came to me and said you’re the first person I’m telling this to, I’ve known you for 10 years, I’m gay. I could tell how difficult it was. It’s personal. It’s sensitive. It’s difficult. He was nervous what my reaction would be. I said, “Dude, you know me. I love you. There’s nothing you could ever tell me that would make me not love you and care about you.” If Piers had asked me that: what do you think about homosexuals? What do you think about the gay community?

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